Cybersecurity Assessments

We recommend our clients start with a basic Gap Assessment aligned to their industry.  Regardless of your company’s size or industry we can help.  We have the ability to cross walk different cybersecurity frameworks you might need to adhere to (i.e., CMMC, NYDFS, SEC, SOC 2, etc.) and have a custom framework for those in Small Business.

No matter what framework you align to they all identify basic cybersecurity hygiene you should have in place via controls.  Below are a few of our key strategic partners that can help you meet certain control objectives.  These are proven solutions that work and are cost effective to maximize your budget to reduce your Cybersecurity risk.

H2Cyber makes cybersecurity assessments and vCISO services both easy and affordable for all businesses.


SaaS – Portal Access

You don’t need to install anything in your environment.  Our Cybersecurity Compliance Manager is cloud-based running within AWS GovCloud with security in mind to get you up and running in minutes.  You will be able to oversee and manage your Cybersecurity Compliance program in real time with access to Cybersecurity experts every step of the way.

Featured Videos

Having problems managing your Cybersecurity program?  You are not alone.  Learn how we can make managing your Cybersecurity program easier with the help of an industry Cybersecurity expert.  Take a minute and watch how we can customize a Cybersecurity program for your business and manage it success over time.

Access Reviews

A larger majority of frameworks require you to review the access granted within your business on a periodic basis (i.e., monthly, quarterly, etc.).  This can also expand to Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions you provide for your employees or affiliates.  The goal is to ensure everyone has the access they need to perform their job as well as ensure those that do not need access no longer have it.

YouAttest is a game changer in the access review space.  Historically this has been very time consuming for whoever is performing the Identity Governance function within your business by using Excel spreadsheets to track access roles, employees, etc., and then emailing mangers to review the access for their employees.  Those days are gone with YouAttest’s cloud-based Access Reviews which are automated and easy to manage allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

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Patch Management

Traditionally businesses have relied on employee devices to be on the company network to receive important security updates for Operating Systems and third-party software.  Those days are long gone in a post COVID world where many work from home.

Syxsense Manage centrally manages not only Microsoft but Apple, and Linux systems and is no longer dependent on the device being within the network.  With Syxsense the device always has a secure connection to the cloud-based console ensuring important security patches can be installed.

Syxsense’s Secure product combines patch management and vulnerability scanning into one product.  Allowing you to focus on critical items first as well as those that will have the biggest impact on your cybersecurity posture.

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Cyber Insurance

Historically Cybersecurity riders were mentioned within E&O policies as well as other policies.  Those days are also long gone due to the increasing number of Cyberattacks.  If you don’t have a standalone Cybersecurity policy you are likely going to find it very difficult when your time (breach) comes.  If you are a small business don’t be fooled, you need this too!

IBDC Consulting makes the process extremely easy when shopping for a new Cyber Insurance Policy.  They have helped hundreds of customers find the coverage that is right for their business as well as inform them of the different scenarios that are covered.  In many cases premiums and coverage limits are very reasonable and a quote can be obtained within a few hours.

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Penetration Testing

Are you aware that cyber criminals frequently perform scans against business all around the world?  They do not care if you are a Small Business or a Large Enterprise, you have something of value to them, regardless of what you think.  Once they discover the open doors to your environment, they are going to walk right in without you ever knowing it.  I am sure you have read news stories of companies being breached because of some error in their configurations or an outdated web server.  These all could have been avoided by performing your own penetration test of your environment.

Cobalt is a game changer in the Penetration Testing space by creating a Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform that dedicates 1 or more penetration testers from around the world.  A test can be up and running in as little as 24 hours and completed within 14 days once you begin.  Most importantly you have the ability to rescan for free to ensure any vulnerabilities that were discovered are remediated.

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Remediation – Technical Assistance

When an assessment is complete the deficiencies are prioritized based for each business.  In many cases the existing Information Technology resources are already tied up on other initiatives making it hard to complete remediation efforts.  While H2Cyber resources are leveraged to oversee and manage the remediation process, when customers do not have the internal staff to address the remediation efforts, we bring ESX Technology Solutions to the table.

ESX Technology Solutions allows businesses to augment their existing IT staff to ensure prioritized remediation efforts continue alongside existing business priorities.

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H2Cyber also offers….


AI Based Anti-Virus

Are you still using a traditional anti-virus platform that is dependent on updating multiple times a day to receive new signatures (newly identified malware)?  This is a flawed approach as you are only protected against things that are known.  The majority of attacks come from non-malware (sophisticated) attacks.  This is a flawed approach as you are only protected against things that are known.  The majority of attacks come from non-malware (sophisticated) attacks.


Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Have you fallen victim to ransomware or know someone who did?  There has been a recent shift from Insurance Carriers and the majority of them now require businesses to have EDR in place to obtain coverage because it significantly reduces the risk of you falling victim to Ransomware as well as a host of other attacks.  Our EDR solution is coupled with Solutions Granted to ensure your business is monitored around the clock.


Vulnerability Scanning

How often does your external footprint to cyber criminals change?  If you perform frequent changes to your infrastructure this may be more than you think.  It is always a good rule of thumb to see what known vulnerabilities exist as you present your business to the world.  We make it easy to setup and scan your external fingerprint to fulfill requirements associated with PCI DSS, HIPAA and FINRA to name a few.


Hardware Based Firewalls

How are you securing your business traffic?  Many small to medium business today simply rely on their ISP provided modem to protect their business.  This is not enough and not a firewall.  You need to offer remote employees a secure connection back to the home office, perform intrusion detection, Geo-IP filtering and a host of other advanced security features to properly secure your Internet traffic.


Email Forgery Protection – DMARC

Have you ever received an email that was suspicious, but it appears to have come from someone within your organization?  Maybe your CEO or CFO.  If you have received one its very likely someone outside of your organization did as well, meaning your domain is susceptible to email impersonation and phishing attacks.  We can help expose those gaps in your domain as well as the unauthorized use of your domain by helping protect your brand and identity online.

H2Cyber is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.